Microneedle radiofrequency vs HIFU

HIFU treatments and microneedle radiofrequency are very effective lifting treatments, and their effects are often compared in the relevant bibliography to surgical skin lifting, hence the common name of “lifting without a scalpel”.

The treatment with the use of concentrated high-power ultrasound (HIFU) enables operation in specific layers of the skin, depending on the handle used (1.5, 3, 4.5, 8, 13 mm). The energy is concentrated at a certain depth, passing through the previous layers freely. As a result, not all layers are heated (as in microneedle radiofrequency), while regenerative processes are started in those places where the wave energy is concentrated. The exception is the use of isolated needles for radiofrequency – then the mechanism of action is similar to that of HIFU.

The great advantage of HIFU is the possibility of much deeper penetration of the skin – for example, the use of the 4.5 handle on the face reaches the myofascial layer, and affecting these structures results in significant effects. In turn, microneedle radiofrequency uses micro-punctures, which are an important factor in triggering repair processes in the skin.

Microneedle radiofrequency and HIFU (concentrated high-power ultrasounds) are procedures that complement each other, and a combination of these two in a series of treatments gives great results.