What does a visit to our aesthetic medicine clinic look like?

Before the visit

Before visiting our clinic, it is very important to think about your expectations, goals and concerns.

1.Consider which aesthetic problems bother you the most, how long has tgis problem bothered you, and what effects you wish to achieve.

It is very important whether you expect an improvement in the condition of your skin and your appearance, or if you want quick, but unfortunately less lasting effects.

If you have an important ceremony or an important trip ahead of you, it is worth planning a visit to the clinic in advance because working on most of the problems takes time.

2. Analyze your health condition, write down the medications you take and review the general contraindications to aesthetic medicine treatments (link). It would be great if you could also read the pre-treatment recommendations (link). If you don’t have time for this, don’t worry. When confirming the visit, our assistant will definitely remind you about them.

3. If you are particularly interested in any of the treatments, read the information on our website (link to treatments) and carefully analyze the list of contraindications. If you have any questions or concerns, write them down. During the visit, we will answer all your concerns.

In the waiting room

Before the visit, it is necessary to sign a consent for the storage and processing of your data. We care about the privacy of our customers and this data is not shared with anyone. However, in order to be able to store personal data and data about your health condition, we absolutely legally require the signing of such consent by all customers.

If you have made an appointment for a specific treatment before the visit, you will also receive a consent form to fill out and a contraindication card to be signed.

Before some treatments, pain-sensitive clients are given anesthesia in the form of an anesthetic cream.

During the visit

1. Your aesthetic problems will be discussed in detail. First, we will focus on the one that bothers you the most.

2. Following this we will develop an action plan. You will also learn about the procedure and how it works.

3. A consultation will be carried out regarding your health, medications, allergies, etc. The treated area will be photographed for our documentation.

4. Remember to ask questions that concern you.

After treatment

After the procedure, you will receive a copy of post-treatment recommendations. It is important that you follow them. Thanks to this, you will minimize the chances of side effects post treatment, while maximizing its effects.

In our clinic, you can buy cosmetics tailored to the needs of your skin. We also offer skin condition analysis using a specialized camera and full trichological consultation.