What is most important during a visit to an aesthetic medicine clinic?

1. Honestly – tell the truth about your health, medications, daily habits, allergies and other treatments you have undergone. Only then will it be possible to offer you both an effective and safe treatment plan and propose appropriate cosmetics, and in some cases also tests and supplements.

2. Real expectations – you must be aware that aesthetic medicine treatments are not able to completely change your appearance, transform you into a completely different person or match the effects of all plastic surgery procedures.

3. Awareness – it is important for you to know that your appearance is influenced by a number of different factors. Health status, sleep quality, diet, physical activity, type of work, lifestyle, daily habits, amount and coping with stress, hydration, care, sun exposure and much more. Aesthetic medicine treatments are able to improve your appearance, but will not make other factors that affect it cease to matter.

4. Regularity – to achieve the best results, you need to undergo treatments regularly, in series with a regular downtime. The same applies to home care and hygiene habits.

5. Adherence to the recommendations – it is crucial not only to achieve the best possible results of the treatment, but also to protect you from possible side effects. A large proportion of post-treatment complications result from neglecting the recommendations.

6.Guaranteed effects? Due to the fact that aesthetic medicine treatments take place on a living, complex human body, we cannot guarantee that all expectations will be met. It is analogous to taking any care, taking any medications or supplements or performing surgery. In no case by interfering with a living organism can one be 100% sure of its effectiveness.