Medicine of Beauty

We are modern clinic of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine for people who want to enjoy an attractive appearance for a long time.

In our clinic, we focus on the person as a whole and strive for maximum satisfaction, taking into account both health and aesthetic aspects.

The name of our clinic is a combination of two phrases that best reflect it: Aesthetic Medicine, Medicine of beauty.

Why is it worth


Safety and hygiene

We adhere to the highest grade hygiene standards which minimizes the risk of complications.


Top-quality preparations and cosmetics

We only use the best and proven preparations and cosmetics which guarantee effectiveness and safety of the treatments.


Professional devices

You will find state-of-the-art and certified appliances with the best technical parameters at our clinic.


Individual and holistic approach to the client

We strive to address all of our clients’ specific needs and tailor our approach to each person individually. We want to build an honest relationship with each of our customers and meet their expectations head on selecting the best care programs for them.


Qualified staff

Our treatments are performed by a medically educated anti-aging and aesthetic specialist. This ensures safety and accuracy of treatments.


We support charitable causes

We donate a portion of our profits to charity which allows our clients to care for others while caring for themselves.


Our goal is to solve any and all aesthetic concerns you come to us with.


We make every effort to ensure the quality of our service is at the highest level, in line with the latest trends and scientific research.


We believe that every person has a great potential of beauty. We are here to help you bring it out and feel great about yourself. Let us take you on a journey towards accentuating your best assets and reaching your potential.


A Medical University of Silesia graduate.

Her passion for all things health and beauty turned into an interest in aesthetic medicine which she has been practicing for the last 3 years. She has completed many courses which equipped her with knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of aesthetic issues. She regularly participates in workshops and conferences, exchanging experiences and insights with industry experts. She follows closely scientific publications and news relating to new developments in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, and beauty.


Marketing and customer contact specialist

Having worked in industries such as jewellery, food and liquor, hospitality, and construction, he developed extensive management and planning skills. Throughout the years working closely with people, he learned to accurately recognise and respond to their needs. In business, he believes that the client’s wellbeing and satisfaction comes first, which motivates him to meet the most demanding expectations of the clinic’s patrons.


An artistic and creative person with an eye for design.

After pursuing a career as a tattoo artist, she discovered that her true passion lies with makeup and interior design. An avid follower of all things beauty related, she is up-to-date with the newest trends in the industry. Her warm and welcoming temperament helps our clients to feel at ease while visiting our clinic. Paulina is always willing to answer any and all of your questions and offer advice when needed.